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My First Post (of many)
April 27, 2011, 1:53 am
Filed under: General stuff

I guess I’m a blogger now; never thought I would be. But I have always wanted to be a writer and one has to start somewhere. I have opinions. I have a message for the world. The world may even want to read it. We’ll see. This has been my plan for a long time, to put my ideas, opinions and entertainment somewhere that you, the world, could find it, absorb it and enjoy it.

So here you go, first post.

My first message to the world is – would you guys please stop taking it all so seriously? Yes, life is serious, deadly serious, we’re all going to die from it sooner or later. But while you’re here, live a little; enjoy life. In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” On my blog here, I may take up some damn serious subjects. But I promise to approach them and wrestle them to the ground in a very un-serious way.

I hope that you folks find something to like here. I hope that you find something enlightening. I hope it makes you laugh and that some of it makes you take action in some positive direction.

My interests are eclectic. I will undoubtedly take up every interest I have and then by the time I’ve written about all of them I’ll be interested in something new. Maybe a few things will be interesting to you. I hope so. I like bluegrass music, classic rock and my favorite sound in the world is my kid playing violin late at night in the next room as I go to sleep. I like motorcycles, fast cars and big luxury cars but most of all trucks. I like pretty women who have a sense of humor and a mischievous streak. I love religion and consider that the human race probably could never have survived quite this long without the calming and civilizing influence of banding together to worship or to seek a better, more spiritual life. My political leanings are all right but I don’t hate people for having different ideas. I love a good protest and I’ll carry a sign and chant at the drop of a hat to correct some injustice. I confess that I have an addiction to Facebook, television and coffee. But I no longer drink coffee or watch television, am I still an addict? Facebook, well, that’s my active addiction. I write poetry but you’ll probably never see any of it here. You’re better off.

So, that’s it for post one. I’ve said my peace. Now it’s up to you. Comment if you like. Read more stuff. Sign up and I’ll send you updates. Or just quietly drift away, never to return. You are welcome back anytime.




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Wow! The first glimmerings of a great mind! May there be many more emissions of brilliance.

Comment by KarenH

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