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Trump Trumps Obama
April 28, 2011, 11:07 pm
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Are we in the presidential election season already?

It’s far too early to pick overall winners and losers, that’s for sure. But I think it’s safe to say that the first skirmish or battle has been fought. And the victory in this first battle goes to a man who isn’t even officially running for president, Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump started making noise a couple of months ago about President Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof. Predictably he was painted as a kook, someone with no grip on reality but much of the media. But he sure got a lot of airtime, that in itself is a victory.

He called for Obama to release his birth certificate, just “why not release it?” That was his message. He didn’t even vaguely claim that Obama might not have been born in the country. Rather he just stated with some level of confidence that there must be something on that document that the president did not want the public to know. He stated that maybe Barack had a middle name that might raise some eyebrows, like Mohammed, or that maybe the person we’ve been led to believe was the father really wasn’t. You know the old saying, “mama’s baby is papa’s maybe”. Trump mused that perhaps the religion was listed as Muslim. None of these would have disqualified Obama from being president. Yet the nagging doubt of what might be there resonated with people. Victory number two, a minor one.

And then, this week, early one morning, the Obama white house drops the bomb. Unexpectedly, with no advance warning, Obama releases his birth certificate. And there is nothing really noteworthy on it. Oh there are some very nice inconsistencies for the “birther” people to seize on and keep the controversy going. See for a list of the things that will keep the blogosphere abuzz at least until the next presidential election. Actually I suspect that maybe the Obama spin machine intentionally made the document look forged just to keep this controversy going and label anyone who questions the document a nut.

The news media that morning was of one voice, stating that Trump has been made to look like a fool, now that there really was nothing damaging on the document. Some mused that this issue was so key to Trump’s potential presidential campaign that he had lost all hope of being a contender. But Donald Trump doesn’t lose easily. He is known for saying, “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” -Donald Trump

As I understand the story, Mr. Trump was in his helicopter when he heard the news about the birth certificate. How cool is that to have a helicopter? Anyway, when he heard the story he called for a press conference immediately and delivered the press conference right at the airport with his helicopter in the background. And here is the real victory. He applied a classic Martial Arts move, taking his opponent’s momentum and adding to it. He thanked Obama for bending to his will and took full credit for what no one else had been able to do, get the president to release this document. This controversy started when Hillary Clinton called for him to release it when the two were bitter rivals in the Democrat primary. Trump was able to portray himself as the guy who could get it done. And just to carry it further, he then, in the same press conference, he planted this seed of suspicion, “what took him so long?”. He also asked President Obama to release his school records and transcripts and thus started a whole new round of “what’s in there that he doesn’t want us to see?” Obama finds himself in the same place as before, appearing to have something to hide.

The way I score it, that’s Trump 1, Obama 0.

If I had been advising Obama, I probably would have told him to release the document the first time the controversy came up. I absolutely would not have advised him to release it now. To do so under pressure just makes him appear weak, reactionary, not a leader. Obama’s message was that we have bigger problems right now than this, let’s move on. But, unfortunately for him, the controversy remains.

This is going to be an interesting presidential election.


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Great headline. Epic.

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