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I Love Old Pickup Trucks
May 4, 2011, 12:51 am
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You may have wondered about the sky blue truck in the picture. Yes, it really is my truck. No, I will not help you move.

How can anybody live without a pickup truck? There is always something big to haul around and if you don’t have a truck, well, I guess you call somebody like me and ask for help. Probably some percentage of my friends are only friends me with so they can periodically get free moving service.

Something like half the “cars” sold in the USA these days are trucks. Gotta love that. And yet a new pickup truck is just not the same as the old ones that Tom T. and I love.

“I love little baby ducks, old pick-up trucks, slow-moving trains, and rain” -Tom T. Hall, from the song “I Love”. That’s a great song.

Today’s new trucks can be pretty impressive. With leather seats, DVD players and GPS, they can be pretty well equipped, kind of like big cars with some outdoor storage space. The tendency to be car-like is the first reason I’d rather have an old one. Because so many people use trucks as their “car”, the trend has been to make trucks more like cars. So the interiors have been upgraded, exteriors made a little more sporty or elegant. And the engines are different, with horsepower and torque tending more toward highway acceleration than pulling boats out of the water and tree stumps out of the ground.

I bought a brand new truck a few years ago, special ordered to be exactly what I wanted. I even ordered a sunroof! Can you imagine, a truck with a sunroof? Actually they are fairly common now but I think I had the first in town. As I said, I ordered this truck. I didn’t drive it before buying it. And why would I? A truck is a truck right? No. I was disappointed from the start. It drove like a car, looked somewhat like a car and consisted of far too much plastic. So, after about a year I got rid of it and started searching for a real truck, something with some metal instead. And I found the sky blue beauty you see in the picture at the top of this blog.

There is something about the style of an old truck that just can’t be beat. I don’t know if I can really explain it. They are purpose-build, not ostentatious, yet in their function and the way they take it all on and get the job done, they are truly beautiful. My truck is not in the greatest condition. It could use some paint. It could use lot of things. But without fail, every week somebody will stop me and tell me how great it looks. Sometimes they treat me to a great story of how they spent time with their grandpa who had a truck like it.

So, I love old pickup trucks. Tom T. really got it right.

P.S.: I will help you move.


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I wish I could use your services of free moving 🙂 I have so many books, I could use a truck.

Comment by Je

My truck would LOVE a trip to Ukraine!

Comment by doylemills

Real men don’t use GPSes. Nor me. I dunno… takes the fun out of it?

Comment by KarenH

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