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Abortion and Tattoos
May 5, 2011, 2:51 am
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Today, I asked two people that I love what I should write about on the blog. One said “abortion” and the other said “tattoos”. Then they both agreed I should write about both and somehow tie them together. They said, more or less in unison, “you can do it”.

I’m going to try.

My viewpoint on abortion is pretty easy to write. Three words. I’m agin’ it. Next subject.

Really, that’s about it. Ok, I suppose there are some subtleties that make it such a valid controversy. If the health of the mother is in grave danger, I certainly would not stand in the way of that tough decision. In a case of rape, I would never deny the victim the opportunity to choose an abortion over delivering the child of a violent criminal. Even the great Ronald Reagan, as governor of California, signed a bill into law allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Reagan also said this, not verbatim but something like this – I signed the rape and incest bill… and I opened Pandora’s box.

It’s a slippery slope to allow any form of abortion because that leads somehow to more permissive attitudes and laws, leading to the ghastly practice of using selective abortion as birth control. That’s what I’m “agin”.

And regarding tattoos. There is a peculiar thing about tattoos; they are permanent. Even if you have one removed, there is still that little shadow, that little discoloration. Tattoos are permanent. At least some trace of it will remain throughout the life of your body. How does that relate to abortion?

Abortions are permanent too. Obviously, they are permanent, as the baby (ok, fetus if it makes you feel better) is permanently dead. But more than that, just like a tattoo, the choice of an abortion leaves a permanent trace on the woman and sometimes even other people involved. The fetus may be only a collection of cells, not a person, at the time of the procedure, but what is a human being really, other than a collection of cells animated by life.

I’m not so sentimental really about the life of the baby that never will be. My concern is more for mother, and the longstanding effects of her decision. More than one woman I’ve known who had an abortion knows approximately what day the baby would have been born. Some get depressed around that day, wondering “what if”, and always wondering if their choice to end that life was the right choice. Women who’ve had abortions have a higher incidence of being diagnosed with Depression and higher incidence of suicide.

Abortion defenders use the argument “a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body”. In reality though, many abortions are performed under heavy coercion from someone else, usually the baby’s father, also sometimes parents or other family members.

Back to tattoos, I was talking with some co-workers today about bad choices in tattoos and how one can greatly regret them in years to come. We had a good laugh about one in particular. We heard about a lady with a series of five men’s names tattooed on her butt, with all the names crossed off except the last one. We supposed this to be a running list of her boyfriends, crossing each off as she kicked them out. This tattoo is a little like abortion. Each abortion is the Adam, Donna, Schuyler, Julia, Thomas, etc., that is no longer part of the woman’s life. But each name leaves a permanent mark.

I do not have an opinion on whether abortion should be legal or illegal. I suppose I would rather someone get an abortion in a clean, legal clinic than a back-alley operation or their own gruesome attempts with a coat hanger or whatever is available. “However much I dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalize a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice.” -Tony Blair

I would simply prefer there were fewer abortions performed. I suppose the solution then is to raise the ethical level of the people in our society, leading to fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer people who would consider that drastic choice.



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Women who have abortions and then later regret it probably should not have sex. They aren’t bright enough to prevent the pregnancy and not bright enough to decide whether they want to abort. People like that prefer the victim role. Maybe the state should make decisions for them. Once we focus on helping those who can’t figure out how to prevent a pregnancy the number of abortions would decrease.

Comment by morena

Here’s another thing about tattoos: You can’t donate blood for 12 months after getting one.

Comment by Rich Byrd

That’s a good one Je! I could do that. 🙂 And Rich, didn’t know that, good info. I wasn’t really writing about the dangers of tattoos but there must be some significant risk if they’ve put that rule in place. Giving blood is important; I do it everytime they come around for the one sponsored by Say No To Drugs; Say Yes To Life.

Comment by doylemills

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