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Todd Snyder Rocks!
May 8, 2011, 12:23 am
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If a rock musician rocks, does a folk musician folk? You can call a rock musician a “rocker”, would that make Todd Snider and other folk musicians “folkers”? Too much to think about.

By the way, “too much to think about, too much to figure out, stuck between hope and doubt, it’s too much to think about” is the chorus of Todd’s song “Statistician’s Blues”.

Why am I writing about some hokey folk musician you probably never heard of? As a matter of fact, that’s precisely the reason. If you haven’t heard of him you should and I have decided to do a music review to make him a little more known amongst my circle of friends.

Here’s my review – two thumbs up.

I like to laugh, more than almost anything. Todd is more of a comedian than a musician and that’s probably why I like his work.

I was introduced to Todd through a song called Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Rock Blues. Funny! It’s a parody of the grunge movement of the 80’s. The song is about a band that becomes successful through pretending to be so tempermental and pensive that they refuse to even play a note. Silence. Music’s original alternative. You should take a listen. I’ll wait.

A lot of his songs seem to be just his own life stories set to music. They aren’t always the catchiest tunes and I don’t think you could dance to them. But they are good, gritty and real. And funny.

The song Alright Guy kind of speaks to me, makes me feel better about myself.

I really like this line from I Spoke as a Child: “When I was a child I spoke as a child, God I wish I could remember what I said”

And this from Ballad of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern: “I say life’s too short to worry, life’s too long to wait, too short not to love everybody, life’s too long to hate”. I couldn’t agree more.

So there is my review, all good, check out Todd’s work and see if you can’t find something that either reflects your life or inspires you to do better. Or, if that’s too work intensive, just have a laugh and move on.

I don’t know Todd but he is a friend of a friend so maybe this will get passed to him sooner or later.

Todd, if you do ever read this, good work, thank you, and I promise I won’t download any pirated songs.



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I like this guy.

Very full of care and love for the fellow men.


Comment by Mary Collins

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