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About Fame
May 9, 2011, 11:09 pm
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We live in a peculiar time. It’s a time when anybody can be famous for just about anything. You could be a total unknown today, get captured on a YouTube video tomorrow, have a million hits the next day and your own reality show in a week.

And it seems that today, everybody wants to be famous.

What is it about fame that we crave? How can you get famous? Do you really want to be? All good questions. It’s nice to have attention, that’s for sure. Sometimes the famous score lots of money as well. With today’s world of tabloids and shows like MTV’s Cribs, we can all see the amazing lifestyle of the rich and famous.

There are books, websites and blogs dedicated to how one can become famous. I’m here to tell you that they are all wrong. Ok, they’re not wrong, but I have a better idea on what fame really is and how one may become famous AND be happy about it.

The trick about fame is not to have a goal of being famous. That’s right, forget fame, fame is nothing. “I handle fame by not being famous… I’m not famous to me.” -Bob Marley.

What you want to do is find something you like to do, something you’re good at and something you could potentially be the best at. When you find that activity, take some lessons in it, learn something about it, do it every day until you are the best. So your goal should not be fame itself but rather the action of doing what you want to do very well. If you are the best, you’ll be famous.

If anybody has figured out my hypocrisy yet, go to the head of the class. Obviously I want to be famous. Hell, I named this blog after myself! I really do want to be famous. Ok, I admit that. But I am following my own advice. My concentration is on the writing. Fame will come, or it won’t. Money will come, or it won’t.

Thanks for reading my blog. Promote it. Make me famous. I won’t forget about all the little people when I’m on top.


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This is good advice, Doyle.

Working, doing things that you really like to do are very most likely to be successful. That is obvious, if you see the examples.

So, this essay is good.
Great, Doyle.

Comment by Mary Collins

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