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Poetry 1 – 0 – Doyle
May 12, 2011, 12:13 am
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Who is it to say
What’s good and what ain’t?
Some can write poems
But then some just can’t…

Hopefully everybody pronounced “can’t” like paint and not like “ant”.

Hope you liked that. It was free. But that’s the last free thing you’re getting. This post comes with rules. And rule number one is, if you read past the next paragraph, you have to write a poem. One is enough. It doesn’t really have to be good but maybe it will be. I’m going to give a few poem pointers and maybe it will help.

This is it. If you read past this paragraph, you MUST write a poem. I’m not kidding. Quit now if you’re chicken.

So here we go. For those still reading, here are some quick pointers.

1. Rhyming. Not all poems rhyme. This is one of my favorites:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Some poems rhyme
This one doesn’t

I don’t know who wrote that but the darn thing, the POEM!, has its own Facebook page. With 1313 likes! 1314 now, because I liked it too.

But rhyming is rather a big deal in the poetry world. There are several websites that will help you out. is one. You just type in a word and it gives you a bunch of words and phrases that rhyme with it.

2. Rhythm. The biggest trouble beginning poets run into is rhythm. You can just put words that rhyme at the end of a few lines and call it poetry. But others may not really consider it GOOD poetry. I could get into a long technical description of how syllables go together and blah, blah, blah with words I don’t even understand. But it’s better if I give you simple advice. Keep the number of syllables kind of consistent. The poem above has four syllables in each line. That kind of works. Five in a line is good, like this one:

You are always here
Right here in my head
But I wish you were
In my arms instead

I just wrote that on the fly. I was thinking of someone when I wrote it but, sorry, I’m not saying whom.

The main thing though, about rhythm, is just to read your poem and see if it has a flow, if it kind of moves along and feels pleaant to read. Read a few poems and you’ll get the idea.

3. Girls dig poetry. If you’re a dude, write a poem for your girl, something personal, that’s obviously about her. Put something in that’s your little secret or a little inside joke. It doesn’t have to be good, just heartfelt. And you might want to put “I love you” or something like that in it, if you feel that way. If that’s what you feel, don’t neglect to say it.

And personally, I like poetry. I don’t speak for all guys but if a girl writes me a poem, it means quite a lot.

Next rule. If you read past THIS paragraph, you have to write a poem for your girl, or your guy, or somebody you would like to be your companion, lover, wife, husband, fling, whatever. DON’T let anybody else see it, just that person. That’s such an important rule I’m making it rule number three. So, rule number two = you have to write a poem for your main squeeze and give it to the person. If you are too shy just write it with no name and leave it somewhere the person can find it. And rule number three is that you cannot show it to anyone else.

4. Free Verse. I love free verse. I especially like the name “free verse” because it sounds like freedom. Free verse is, well, poems without all the rules. You don’t have to have a regular rhythm and structure; you can have as many syllables as you want, and nothing has to rhyme. You still have to have some kind of rhythm, even if seems kind of irregular. It still has to kind of flow along.

I don’t write a lot of free verse but I like it. My mom really loved the great Ogden Nash, so in her memory and his honor, here is a great piece of free verse. The title is “My Dream”.

This is my dream,
It is my own dream,
I dreamt it.
I dreamt that my hair was kempt.
Then I dreamt that my true love unkempt it.
-Ogden Nash

One more rule just to have a nice even four. If you comment on this post, you have to put a poem in it. By the way, I can edit comments on this blog. So if you’re going to be a dick and put a comment here with no poem, I’m going to put a really bad poem it in and everyone will think you wrote it.



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My Love

You are the flows of Love which has Truth and
whick makes the dark feelings evaporate;

You are Happiness; Hear the light sound echoing among the trees?

You are Joy, just listen as the birds sing with it in their songs.

At night, contentment and peacfull comes through water flowing through the rivers, and
shows what real Love is: it flows with Truth, and,
with Happiness,
and Joy
And Honesty.

You are indeed
My Love. ( This is for David…)

Comment by Mary Collins

That’s beautiful Mary! Amazing! Thank you!

Comment by doylemills

There one was a small girl from Frisco
Who liked to cook all things with Crisco
She then met a man
Who once held her hand
And suddenly she was Queen of the Disco.

Too efforty? But who else would make three rhymes with -isco?

Comment by KarenH

It’s excellent! Well done on finding three …isco rhymes. Check this out…
There was a young boy from Kentuck’
Who relied a little too much on luck
He had all the thrills
But didn’t pay his bills
And obviously doesn’t give a…

Comment by doylemills

Not everyone can rhyme a backwoods state with a dirty word. Well done, I say!

And you made me laugh!

Comment by KarenH

All love is true
All love is kind
If you believe that
you can kiss my behind!

Comment by Patricia Six Sumpter

Now that is a good one! Thank you!!!

Comment by doylemills

Here here!!!

Comment by KarenH

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