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My Day
May 13, 2011, 12:43 am
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Today’s post is simply “my day” – what I did today, in sequence. This wasn’t a particularly exciting day, just a workday, might be the most boring article ever. But who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make it a little bit interesting.

Last night, I stayed up too late. Kind of like the night before, and the night before that, and the night before… you get the idea. So when the alarm went off at 7am I really wasn’t all that into it. I snoozed 5 minutes at a time until about 7:25.

Finally up, I fed the cats and took my first round of vitamins. I take a lot of vitamins. Round one, taken on an empty stomach, consist of the oils – vitamin E, vitamins A&D, fish oil, a supplement for prostate health and 6, yes SIX pills that are full of fiber and enzymes called Fiber Force 6, love that name.

I threw on a pair of shorts and a business shirt dragged out of the dirty clothes, a pair of flip flops and headed out of the house for a walk around Crest Lake Park. That was nice. Perfect weather, sunshine and friendly people. I saw a mother duck with three very cute little ducklings with bright yellow feathers. I tried to take their picture but they were too far away for the camera in the phone.

Arriving home I got busy doing my morning exercises. I have a series of 5 exercises I do pretty much every day, whether at home or the gym. My daughter taught them all to me but not all at once. I put them together as my good and easy workout. They are mainly for core strength and lower body. I’m working on getting in better shape for skateboarding and also would like to put on a little muscle and lose a little body fat before an upcoming trip to my friend’s wedding in Mexico.

Next, breakfast. Muesli with some agave sweetener, flax seed and bee pollen. Good and filling, certainly healthy. More vitamins. C. Ginseng. DSF, and I don’t really even know what that is. Niacin. Collagen. And more, basically a handful of pills.

Shower. Shave. Scrub my face. Put on jeans and a polo because today I’m supposed to be moving some old scrap metal, circuit boards and computers with my truck.

I drive to work, a little late, listening to talk radio. Conservative. The more conservative the better. Today I listened to Bill Bennett talking with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Interesting stuff but I won’t get into most of it. There was a funny part. Bill asked Donald, “so, how many commencement speeches are you doing at colleges this year?” Donald laughed and said, “they don’t allow people with our viewpoint to speak in colleges.” Both host and guest had a good laugh. Bill tells the story about how before he was 35 years old he had 23 honorary degrees. Then he went to work for President Reagan and in the 30 years or so since then he has received only 4 more. There is something fishy with our educational establishment.

At work I worked. Probably better skip most details of that. Thanks to the Microsoft Outlook calendar I had an online meeting/demonstration with a customer at noon. The system told me about it 15 minutes early so I had some time to get ready. The meeting went well and they will probably buy about $14,000 worth of our product.

I skipped lunchtime and then had to run out to 7-11 and get a grilled Cuban sandwich sometime around 1:30pm.

During the day, in addition to work, I spent some time on Facebook, some time on personal emails and good bit of time proofreading and change last week’s article. I spent a few minutes look for a new skateboard. They have amazing skateboard designs on the net.

I worked until almost 8pm but a lot of the last two hours were taken up discussing (more like complaining about) some of the situations within our company with a co-worker.

And then, I left! Straight home. On the way I talked with a few people, including the person who inspired and encouraged me to start this blog and a dear dear friend, more like family, who you’ll hear more about shortly.

At home I had an awesome plate of little pastas wrapped around little pieces of sausage. I broke off some basil leaves from our plant in the kitchen window, added some butter and parmesan cheese and enjoyed some good comfort food, yum!

Logan and I went to CVS, then Walgreens, to find Rembrandt toothpaste. Then we did something I regret. We went to McDonalds and each of us got a chocolate Sundae. I guess it tasted good but right after I felt like I had just eaten a high-calorie chemical concoction with no nutritional value. That’s a pretty apt description.

Somewhere between the Sundae and the next adventure, I had a short but significant phone call with a dear friend who is more like a family member. I told you she was going to come back into the story. The news is, she’s moving in with us for a while! She’s been living in another town but now is going to move here so she can prepare for college in the fall in Tampa AND so she can hang with us!

Next Logan and I went to an awesome park and rode our skateboards for about an hour and hung out with the homeless people and stray cats. Or stray people and homeless cats; I’m never quite sure. Much fun! Should have taken some pictures.


After some really good, fresh cantaloupe, I got a call from a friend who is just about to head to New York City for the weekend. She called for good advice on where to eat, play, shop. Hopefully, my son and I gave good advice. I guess we’ll see when she comes back. Really wish I were going with her.

Shower. Pajamas. I do love pajamas.

Right this minute, I’m at the coffee table in my family room, writing obviously, and my playful cat Pixel (named for the cat of the same name in Robert A. Heinlein’s book The Cat That Walked Through Walls) is right here with me, being affectionate.

My son is playing his violin in his room right now. It sounds amazing, as always.

It’s 12:35am. Where did the time go? What did I say about staying up too late?

Well, this is the blog post of the day. I’ll have something more imaginative tomorrow.


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Reading your piece was like getting to know you better… although we know each other re: comments and letter to the editors!

This is just a warm, friendly look into your life,,part of it…early in the AM, and late at night!
(I am sure you knew I would love it that you sent my “Let Truth Win” to Best Syndication. Here is a thank you.)

I feel I was given a friendly peek into your life.


Comment by Mary Collins

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