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Domain Names = Real Estate
May 17, 2011, 10:57 pm
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If you had the foresight to purchase in 1992, you could have undoubtedly made some money. Somewhere along the line, the Bayer Aspirin people decided to use it. If you owned it, they would have bought it from you.

Or,,… At one time, these were just combinations of letters offered up to the first person or company who applied.

As odd as it seems, a domain name is a little like real estate. You buy a domain name to build your company’s Internet presence on, much like you’d build a building on land. Some domain names remain like vacant lots, with nothing on them.

Personally, I own about 10 domain names, including of course the one that houses this blog, Most of the ones I have are just half-baked ideas that I may someday get my act together and use. I once owned but now I don’t. I learned an important lesson in losing it. I thought of The Daily Doyle blog, writing articles every day, a few years ago. In those days, if I got an idea, I registered the name right away. So I registered for two years. But when it came up for renewal, I neglected to renew. When it was available, somebody snatched it up. There are speculators in the domain game, who buy up unrenewed domains or just names that they think up. In general they have no plans to build anything on them, they are just planning to profit from someone else’s desire to use the name.

In a real world example, I work for a company called Digital Lightwave. Our founder was very bright and quick-thinking and bought the name It was a coup to get such a generic name. He also had the wisdom to purchase which for years just linked to This was an excellent arrangement. However, through various changes in our corporate structure, with different people in charge and with changing contact information, somehow the digitallightwave one was not renewed. It was immediately grabbed by a speculator who is now asking $25,000 for it.

Most of the general names like and and are taken. But if you’re clever and thoughtful and put some words together, you can still get some good names that are valuable. A friend of mine recently registered for her proofreading business. That’s an excellent name and I’m surprised nobody hadn’t already thought of it.

Registering a domain name is cheap, like 9.99 a year from, or any of several other registration companies.

My advice to you is… whenever you think of a business idea, or a fun idea for a new domain name, register it. Definitely go and see if your own name is available and buy it right now. I have Maybe I’ll never do anything with it. Maybe the folk band inIreland, which is called “Doyle Mills” and no, I’m not kidding, will hit the big time some day and buy the domain name from me. Either way, it only costs me $9.99 a year.

There are some real duds in this game too. I looked up and it’s for sale. $500. I really think that one is going to be hard to sell.

Let me know in the comments what interesting names you’ve thought of and registered.

Here are a couple that I thought up just now that are available, at least at the time this article is beting written. Grab ’em!

Good hunting!



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You are 100% correct. A friend of mine – a real Internet pioneer, he registered many years ago. German, he registered – and Delta Airlines pays him to send traffic to their website.

I can usually find good domain names available even now. A friend doing volunteer work locally in historic preservation found still available (last week).

I was lucky enough to get for my business (Fast Forward Marketing). Three years ago. I thought it amazing that was still available.

I also own these domains, registered exactly as you say the moment I had a (possibly) bright idea:,,, (after the incident of frozen iguana’s falling out of trees in South Florida), and

Comment by Rich Byrd

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