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My Favorite Things
June 1, 2011, 11:13 pm
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  • Roadtrips!
  • Tomatoes!
  • Old pickup trucks!!!
  • Scientology
  • Harley Davidsons!
  • Water!
  • Arepas! (Venezuelan food, come over here one morning early, be nice to me and I’ll make you one)
  • Freedom!
  • Raisin toast!
  • Massages, mmmmmmmmmmmm (especially Thai massage, so good; if you’ve never had one you just don’t know how good massage can be)
  • Fords!
  • Kid Rock!
  • Amy Smart!
  • Hooters! (the restaurant, as far as you know)
  • Sundays!
  • Firetrucks!
  • Joe Balogna’s (Italian restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, SO good. If you’ve never been, pack up the Ford and take a road trip)
  • Blue!
  • The Blues!
  • The Blues Brothers!
  • Bluegrass! (the music, not the grass!)
  • Cherries!
  • Skateboards!
  • Hummus!
  • My chiropractor, Rick Argall (damn he’s good)
  • And my favorite place, um, too hard to pick – Eastern Kentucky, Long Island, Grand Cayman, Caracas, Hawaii, Pacifica, Possum Kingdom, Disney World… all the above and a hundred others. My favorite place is usually either where I am right now or where I’m going next. Right now my favorite place is my house, with Miami and Cancun following up at #2 and #3.
  • Aston Martins (yes, I know I chose Fords as a favorite already. Maybe I shouldn’t have two favorite car companies. But let’s consider it as two categories – cars I can afford and cars I can’t afford… yet)

What’s the purpose of this article? I thought I’d just list my favorite things and see if I could find some common denominator, some theme to my life. As far as I can tell, there isn’t. It does seem that Blue things are pretty popular, but there are a series of red things (cherries, tomatoes, firetrucks) as well.

So my life has no central theme, no consistency. I can live with that. But my life is full and rich, eclectic might be a good word. I just couldn’t live with myself if all the favorites were too predictable, fitting along the lines of some stereotype, like this one, favorites of the hillbilly:

  • Country music
  • Fried catfish
  • Mud
  • Lard
  • Biscuits
  • Gravy
  • Monster trucks
  • Anything that goes BOOM!

Or this one, favorites of the country club crowd:

  • Perrier
  • Golf
  • BMWs
  • Plaid
  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Rolex
  • Izod

What is it that makes a person choose a favorite? Why do some prefer Oldsmobiles over Studebakers, The Cincinnati Reds over the Toronto Blue Jays, Italian food over Chinese?

“You may say you don’t pick favorites, but everybody picks favorites.
Whether you like it or not you have an opinion, therefore, you pick favorites.” -Unknown

I don’t think there is an easy answer. At least for my favorites, some are just pure emotion, and I couldn’t choose anything else even if I tried. Like Harley Davidson, there is just no other motorcycle, would never even think of another choice. But some others take thought and comparison, weighing all the aspects to come up with a winner and even then maybe doing a little eenie-meenie-minee-mo to get the final answer. I put Sundays on the list but could have easily chosen Saturdays if I wanted.

Also, over time, some of my favorites may change completely. I may scrap the blues and choose classic rock. That’s just the way it is.

In the comments, I’d love to hear some of YOUR favorites.



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A few off the top of my head:

Lotus Europa (the original, from around 1970).
J.S. Bach
Bob Dylan
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Steely Dan
Big Mama Thornton
Robert Johnson
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
Contact (book AND the movie)
The Abyss (a great Sci-Fi movie AND a great love story movie)
William Gibson (THE best living Sci-Fi author)
Criminal Minds (the TV show)
linen shirts and pants
hot sauce
Thai Food
Chicago style (THIN crust) pizza with everything on it (including the fish)
Italian beef sandwiches (wet, with green peppers)
Tschotshkes (spell it any way you like; I can’t pass up the $1 bins at Office Depot)

Comment by Rich Byrd

Wow Rich, you have cool favorites! I want to borrow some of yours. 🙂
The Lotus Europa is an awesome car, a feat of engineering for Colin and the boys, absolutely. Porsche was trying to copy its balance and weight distribution with the 914 and they couldn’t get it right, probably until the Boxster 20 years later.
Love The Abyss! I’ve probably seen it 10 times. Ed Harris is just good.
I’m in the market for a linen suit for a wedding in Mexico next week, where should I get one?

Thanks SO much for the comments. 🙂

Comment by doylemills

Good morning, Doyle

My favorite things are:

Exploring new places
The way the air smells after a good rain
They smell of a baby after a bath
The smell of fresh cut grass
Meeting up with friends for drinks/dinner
A great seafood meal
Meeting new people
NYC at Christmas
Stock bridge, MA
Cape Elizabeth, ME
A REALLLY good book
Quiet moments
Tokyo, Japan
My family
Talking to my daughter and grand baby

That is what of thought of now. I am sure there are many more…however, let’s not forget…readiing Doyle’s blog!

Comment by Yvette

Wow Yvette,
Your favorites are so cool!
I should have thought of some of them myself. The smell after a rain, the best! I like the smell just before a rain too.
Heck, just about all of them could be my favorites too.
Except the only thing I know about Stockbridge Massachussetts is from Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant: “Friends… let me tell you about the town of Stockbridge, Massachussetts… they got two police officers and one police car…”

Thank you for the insight into YOU!

Comment by doylemills

My favorite things:

Time and again there are true stories of mothers, usually dogs, but sometimes another speices, who take over an orphan baby: either cat, tiger, rabbit, fox, lion, whatever. I like to see the heart-warming actions showing the mother’s love and her caring. These came to me over the internet.

Another thing I like is the true story of a dog that started to howl when I started to leave my daughter’s house… I was dog-sitting. I parked my car, got out and and spoke as though he would understand my intention, if not the English language. I said, ” It will be all right, I will be back” in a soothing manner. He turned around and went back into the house. I rode away, and saw him later at the house.

With this same dog, I was dog sitting again. No one was there, just me and the dog. I was lonely and let out a groan, sort of, while I was lying on the sofa. The dog came over and put his chin as far as he could on my chest. A definite show that he understood, and wanted to comfort me!!

I have several true stories in which I saved the lives of birds, and deer_ found out that animlas know more than we, at least me, than I realized that often really do understand me!!!!


Comment by Mary Collins

Those are great stories, some of my favorites too. 🙂

Comment by doylemills

Oh! forgot to put the true story of a man who saved the life of a crocodile. The picture of his hugging the crocodile is amazing.


Comment by Mary Collins

Doyle, have you read my comments?

Comment by Mary Collins

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