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Principles Versus People
June 7, 2011, 1:13 am
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The problem with politics today is that there is far too much focus on the person, the candidate, the face, and a wanton disregard of principles.

Well, it is not THE problem, there are lots of problems. But this is certainly one of them.

Those who call themselves “liberals” hated George W. Bush with a vehement visceral passion we just haven’t seen for a long time.

The same group loved Barack Obama with an equal amount of passion.

We hear endless reports of PEOPLE in politics – Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Mit Romney, on and on and on. We hear little real discussion of the issues involved. The issues are mentioned but given scant attention.

In our last US presidential election, everyone knew in great detail about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, her daughter’s pregnancy and the fact that she said she could see Alaska from her house (which she didn’t, by the way, that was Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live). However, think about it. Do you know, or did you ever know what Sarah Palin’s plan was to save Social Security, her position on securing the border, her policies to get the economy going. I’ll bet you don’t know.

Barack Obama promised hope and change and a new direction. But did he actually say what that direction was? Oh, he was specific about a few items, that polled well – “close Gitmo”, “get out of Iraq and Afghanistan”, “affordable healthcare”, but these were buzzwords, not concrete plans.

This is a problem across the board but I think there is a huge gap between Republicans (or more accurately conservatives) and Democrats on this one. As I see it, conservatives at large care a lot more about principles and less about the person. Democrats seem to care more about the people.

There was a fascinating radio segment during our last presidential election season, where “shock jock” Howard Stern sent one of his crew (Sal) out to interview Obama supporters. They went to a principally Democrat community where basically EVERYBODY supported Obama. But here’s the twist – the interviewer fed them John McCain’s positions, exactly opposite what Obama said he wanted to do and the people were all for it. It was proof positive that they supported Obama, the person, and were oblivious to principles. It’s quite entertaining.

In my experience, conservatives and to a large degree, Republicans (no, they are not quite the same thing) care about principles, doing what they believe to be right, not people. We don’t normally put our faith in people. Once in a while there will be a shining star that we revere but even then it’s never the person, it’s the fact that they embrace the principles we like. Reagan is the best example. We didn’t care about Reagan as a person, until we saw him apply the principles, then he’s been our golden boy ever since.

Obama, and the other side, Democrats and people who call themselves liberal, are a different story. The left embraced Obama before they had any idea if he had any principles at all, and they will go through all kinds of mental antics to try to make whatever he does somehow sound like a good idea.

So what’s important, the personality or the principle?

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The problem is incomplete admin scales. Politicians rarely get beyond policy, even if they get that far. A purpose, or a policy, without a strategic plan that will work to implement or achieve a purpose or a policy, is useless or destructive.

The basic disagreements between Liberals and Conservatives by the way, is actually one of purposes or goals. So of course they are never going to agree on policy.

Comment by Rich Byrd

Rich, you are totally right. But that’s a different problem, different subject from my article. Early on in the article I wrote something like – there are many problems.
I think many people who read this may not know what an admin scale is. For those who don’t know, an admin scale is a list of the subjects that are involved in any activity. It’s part of L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology. Using the scale as a tool for organizing and aligning activities, you take a look at (in this order usually): Goals, Policy, Plans, Orders, etc. The point is that you want these things to align. If you’re goal is to renovate a building, you wouldn’t have a plan to go look for a new building, as an example. Rich’s point is very correct in that politicians at large think/talk kind of at the top. The goals and maybe as far down as setting policy. But they fall down in attempts to create concrete plans to do anything. However, to a degree, I don’t want politicians and government to do all that much. I’d kind of rather they just set some sensible policy and otherwise let you and me get busy with living. There are some exceptions like the military, road building, disaster recovery. Those are valid functions for government to take on in full. But other things, not so much. You can find out more about Admin Scales and the rest of L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology at

Comment by doylemills

Doyle, you are right.
Several points I saw are certainly true.

When I am aware of things like this, I want to do something to handle. I don’t know of anything that I could do now_ except support my Philosophy, my religion.

You won’t see on the front page of New York Times; but these things do happen: We have at least 20, thousand Volunteer Scientology Ministers ( who have been and are doing now in the present) who are giving assists to those who have lost families, their homes, etc. These have given so many people help; people who have told everyone how wonderful it is to have our Vol Ministers because they can go on with life now, in spite of the terrible things that have happened to them.
Assists are processes that help people get well from any physical illness or emotional trouble. They are always asked by the people they help to please teach us to do these, and so they have educated many 1000,s and they now know how to do these.

This has brought up the level of “feeling good”, or emotional better, and/or and physically better.

This being the case, many people all over our glob are getting better, and I have noticed that the use of these assists, get many who want to read up on other aspects of our help… like being honest and who want to help others, too.

I have lots of hope that this will continue, and happiness instead of grief and depression will keep going up.

Dianetics is getting very popular, and with the use of the therapy from this book our fellow people are getting miraculous – people are getting their lives saved, and many others are happier with their families, and others.

So, with awareness going up, which I believe has happened; people will be looking for the principles and will support those who have principles which will help our country.

Mary Collins

Comment by Mary Collins

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