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Global Cooling, um, Warming, um, Climate Change
June 18, 2011, 5:13 pm
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Maybe global warming isn’t so bad. Have you heard about the potential for an upcoming ICE AGE, global cooling to the max?

Read this, from Newsweek:

“The central fact is that after three quarters of a century of extraordinarily mild conditions, the earth’s climate seems to be cooling down. Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend, as well as over its specific impact on local weather conditions. But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.”

Before you start to panic and stock up on canned foods, you should know that the above article was published in Newsweek in 1975. Yes, in 1975, according to Newsweek, Scientists were almost unanimous in their belief that global temperatures were about to take a nose dive, and we were about to be in danger of starvation because the Earth was going to be too cold.

It’s logical that cooling temperatures would cause great famine and disaster on a large scale. Food grows in the warmer months and grows more in hotter climates.

Now, in 2011, the narrative is that the Earth is about to become too warm. The impending disaster is a little harder to understand than what would happen with global cooling. Higher temperatures mean more food production usually; so global warming is not a matter of famine and starvation. The big scare in global warming is that the polar ice will melt, raising ocean levels and endangering coastal areas, and that we will be threatened with increasing levels of violent weather – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods.

Is any of this true? Former President Al Gore made a movie about global warming. A lot of people saw it and he made a lot of money from it. He won a Nobel Prize for his efforts to convince people that global warming is real and is caused primarily by man’s activities.

Al Gore is a politician, an extremely liberal politician, not a scientist. I’m a writer, not a scientist. Neither Al nor I approach this subject from a purely scientific viewpoint. He has his agenda. I have mine.

Al Gore is an example of many of today’s politicians who promote the issue of global warming and who are using it to attempt broad sweeping changes in the way people live.

The issue of global warming is generally split along party lines. People and politicians on the left (the Democrat party in the USA) are generally those who speak out about global warming and push for drastic government action. Those on the right (Republicans, Libertarians, etc. in the USA) tend to concentrate more on other issues, like increasing opportunity for prosperity and promoting freedom.

The drastic change desired by the politicians is essentially a reduction in what are termed “greenhouse gases”, any gas that is believed to rise to the upper atmosphere and serve to contain the heat of the sun, warming the earth. The big push lately has not been so much to reduce gas emissions directly but to have larger companies and countries pay more for their emissions.

And what do I want? What is my selfish agenda? I do have one. I want a clean planet that I can enjoy, along with my fellow human beings, my friends the animals, and the plants that we all enjoy to look at and to eat. Simple. I am a true environmentalist. However, I’m not in favor of the vast sweeping changes and restrictions and wealth redistribution desired by the left. I also want opportunity to grow, prosper and enjoy life to the fullest. I want the freedom to hop on a jet and go to Hong Kong if I want to. I value a clean, pretty planet. I value freedom. What’s the point of a nice environment if we have no rights to enjoy it.

There may be such a thing as global warming. We have evidently been in a warming trend for a couple of decades. However, the Earth has a long history of cyclic changes, related to solar activity, volcanoes and many other factors not caused by man.

History speaks of growing crops in Greenland, which is now too cold. The Earth has experienced many ice ages. It’s complete folly to look at the last couple hundred years of temperatures and decide that this should be the temperature from here on out.

I like to listen to this reading from Charleton Heston. It’s from Michael Crichton, author of Jurrassic Park. Heston read it on the Rush Limbaugh show some years ago, and I believe Rush plays it again every Earth Day. The message is essentially that the Earth has been here a long damn time and will continue to be here a long damn time, that our beliefs that we’re somehow going to destroy the Earth is illogical.

Once upon a time, London (and just about every other city) was a dirty, sooty place. Coal, wood and oil were burned for heat. Now London is much cleaner, nicer place. What happened? Government intervention to limit emissions, which would have essentially created “cooling” in all the houses of London? No, it wasn’t the government. It was the free market, creating better solutions for heating and energy production.

So perhaps if the politicians wanted a cleaner planet, they’d look at what worked before, the free market. Perhaps what they really desire is more control, less growth and prosperity.

I have no quarrel with the idea of using energy more efficiently, as a personal choice. If you’re going down to the store on the corner for a quart of milk, ride the bike, don’t drive the Hummer. But even if you drive the Hummer around the block all day, just for fun, don’t let anybody tell you that the planet is falling apart and it’s your fault.

As an aside, “global warming” as a movement has changed to “global climate change”. Some data in the last couple of years seems to indicate that our warming period is coming to an end. But the movement still has an agenda.

Everyone, enjoy life, enjoy the planet, be smart with our resources but use all you need and want.


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