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A Christmas Story
January 22, 2015, 1:02 pm
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This was a curious, adventurous and memorable Christmas season. 2014, by the way.

It started just over a week before Christmas when Karen Hadley picked me up in Little Rock, after being shocked to discover that I was not in Ft. Smith. We said our prayers to St. Christopher and hit the road. Road Trip! All night long. Sunshine and warmth greeted us in Florida. Not terribly Christmassy, but it’s alright. While Karen moved into her new place with Logan and Violet’s help. I had the great pleasure of meeting up with someone I love dearly that I had not seen for over a year. Nice!

I had to catch this ride home with Karen in order to make my appointment for Christmas tree decorating with Pam, Sebastian, Soleil and Logan. My first job was buying the tree, but I found out quickly that, late in the season, there aren’t many trees left. But I found one. 10 feet tall, roughly a foot taller than our ceiling. Everyone was looking forward to creating this tree, Fae and Violet were around too! All was right with the world… Until I realized somewhat late (oops) that I gave the tree stand to Patricia last year, Fae and I made an emergency run from store to store breaking speed limit and numerous other laws to find one. Thank you Ole Blue. Then we set up the tree, the kids decorated it, and we all had a fine time.

And then there was Christmas day, a.k.a. Christmas 1, probably the most multi-cultural family event in all of Clearwater. We had a tree and presents and one Eric. Our food was all Ethiopian, in celebration of Kwanzaa, with both A’s. We had our TWO menorahs and Star of David in the window, and had folk with Buddhist, Atheist and Catholic leanings (along with me, the Scientologist of course) around our improvised table, which was really foot lockers covered in paper in the tree by the living room. Yes, we made everyone sit on the floor, on pillows. Thanks for the creativity, Logan. Brilliant!

Through a dramatic and not too humorous series of events, my grandchildren couldn’t be there for Christmas 1. Sad face. Big time. I LOVE those kids! So, while rejoicing that they don’t yet know how to read a calendar, Pam and I planned out Christmas 2, more info two paragraphs hence.

Because of a suspected allergy and the fact that the damn thing dropped five pounds of needles on the ground every day, we had to get rid of the tree. Do we recycle? NO! How boring. We moved it to the back yard, dug a hole and planted it. No, we were not under the mistaken impression that a cut-down tree will re-grow. We just had a very special plan for this tree.

Christmas 2 came and went. We had the kids, MANY presents, love, microwaved kid food, TWO Erics without repeating the previous Eric. Great time had by all, and I even have a few pretty darn good pictures. Logan wasn’t with us. He was recording a CD which will NO DOUBT be on everyone’s Christmas list NEXT year.

And then… January 20, at almost midnight, we “decorated” the back-yard Christmas tree with about 20 pounds of flammable stuff, mostly paper, and lit it! Amazing! Flames 20 feet in the air, glowing embers all over the neighborhood. It was epic. And so ended, officially, our 2014 Christmas season.

Thank you family. I love you! Now let’s plan a kick-ass John Wilkes Booth Day Celebration!

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