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Happy New Year Explained
January 1, 2017, 3:09 pm
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I hope my “Happy New Year” messages don’t come across as trite, or robotic, or insincere. I figure I’ll just seriously classify what I’m feeling.
Number one, I DO want everyone to have a SHOT at a badass year in 2017. I don’t really want each of you to be necessarily, arbitrarily happy for no good reason. Some of you are going to do some stupid stuff, like drive drunk, cheat on people who love you, forget to call your mama often enough, steal something or other, and karma’s gonna bite you in the ass, as she should. Yes, Karma is female. If Karma were a man, he’d forget it about after maybe 6 months, tops.
For those of us who voted for Trump and/or think he’s gonna work out alright, we’re already starting out kind of happy, or at least optimistic. We believe that, if Trump does what he says, that we’ll all have more freedom, a better economy, more jobs and prosperity and people will be nicer to each other.
The rather vocal, or seething unspoken, folk who HATE Trump and want him to die/fail/whatever, and somehow still hope that Hillary or Bernie Sanders will be president, you’re probably off to an uncomfortable start. Well snowflakes… Nah, changed my mind, I’m not going to do any name calling. Well MY FRIENDS, and I mean that, I really hope that you have a good year too. As far as I can tell, what you “hate” and “fear” about Trump is mainly lies told by the Clinton campaign and parroted SO often by the media that you think Trump is a… whatever, that he just ain’t! He ain’t no angel, I’m going to grant you that, but if you actually paid attention to what he wants to do, instead of the hype against him, I think you’d chill out a little. But you don’t have to chill out! Not at all. Feel free to remain as fired up as you want. What I wish though, back to that, is that as the year progresses, everything works out ok, and ya’ll notice that everything works out ok. Of COURSE you should remain diligent and speak out on anything you don’t like, anything real, like laws and executive orders. Re Tweets, well, our president has a hobby of tweeting whatever comes to his mind. Some of it is important, some of it is silly, some of it makes you roll your eyes, and some of it should just be ignored. So don’t get yourself wrapped around a tree worrying about it. This is my wish for you for 2017. That, and just generally I hope you do well, and your family stays well and prosperous, all that.
And to the other group of my friends and people I haven’t met you, who are smart enough NOT to let themselves to made happy or unhappy by political shit, I’d like to say, you are may favorites of all. If you’re oblivious to politics, I kinda envy you. Sometimes I wish I could be. If you’re aware of politics to any degree but you know that what we do on the ground, how we treat each other, raise our families, run our businesses is THE only way out of any mess, I salute you and I hope Karma recognizes this and rewards you.
So there you go. What “Happy New Year” means when it comes from me. I’ll try to be kind to ya’ll. I’d appreciate it if you be kind to me too. And when a “Happy New Year” comes my way, I do feel kind of happy. It’s the first kindness, usually, of a new year. Thank you.

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Thank you for your kind wishes! I wish the best for you and your ever-expanding family in 2017!

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