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Happy New Year Explained
January 1, 2017, 3:09 pm
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I hope my “Happy New Year” messages don’t come across as trite, or robotic, or insincere. I figure I’ll just seriously classify what I’m feeling.
Number one, I DO want everyone to have a SHOT at a badass year in 2017. I don’t really want each of you to be necessarily, arbitrarily happy for no good reason. Some of you are going to do some stupid stuff, like drive drunk, cheat on people who love you, forget to call your mama often enough, steal something or other, and karma’s gonna bite you in the ass, as she should. Yes, Karma is female. If Karma were a man, he’d forget it about after maybe 6 months, tops.
For those of us who voted for Trump and/or think he’s gonna work out alright, we’re already starting out kind of happy, or at least optimistic. We believe that, if Trump does what he says, that we’ll all have more freedom, a better economy, more jobs and prosperity and people will be nicer to each other.
The rather vocal, or seething unspoken, folk who HATE Trump and want him to die/fail/whatever, and somehow still hope that Hillary or Bernie Sanders will be president, you’re probably off to an uncomfortable start. Well snowflakes… Nah, changed my mind, I’m not going to do any name calling. Well MY FRIENDS, and I mean that, I really hope that you have a good year too. As far as I can tell, what you “hate” and “fear” about Trump is mainly lies told by the Clinton campaign and parroted SO often by the media that you think Trump is a… whatever, that he just ain’t! He ain’t no angel, I’m going to grant you that, but if you actually paid attention to what he wants to do, instead of the hype against him, I think you’d chill out a little. But you don’t have to chill out! Not at all. Feel free to remain as fired up as you want. What I wish though, back to that, is that as the year progresses, everything works out ok, and ya’ll notice that everything works out ok. Of COURSE you should remain diligent and speak out on anything you don’t like, anything real, like laws and executive orders. Re Tweets, well, our president has a hobby of tweeting whatever comes to his mind. Some of it is important, some of it is silly, some of it makes you roll your eyes, and some of it should just be ignored. So don’t get yourself wrapped around a tree worrying about it. This is my wish for you for 2017. That, and just generally I hope you do well, and your family stays well and prosperous, all that.
And to the other group of my friends and people I haven’t met you, who are smart enough NOT to let themselves to made happy or unhappy by political shit, I’d like to say, you are may favorites of all. If you’re oblivious to politics, I kinda envy you. Sometimes I wish I could be. If you’re aware of politics to any degree but you know that what we do on the ground, how we treat each other, raise our families, run our businesses is THE only way out of any mess, I salute you and I hope Karma recognizes this and rewards you.
So there you go. What “Happy New Year” means when it comes from me. I’ll try to be kind to ya’ll. I’d appreciate it if you be kind to me too. And when a “Happy New Year” comes my way, I do feel kind of happy. It’s the first kindness, usually, of a new year. Thank you.

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
August 7, 2016, 6:24 pm
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July 10, 2016

Doyle Mills

Clearwater, Florida



Mrs. Clinton

Presidential Candidate



Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I congratulate you for getting as far as you have in this presidential race. Your success is truly a laudable achievement. Yet, at this juncture, I believe that you should consider withdrawing from the presidential race, and further, withdrawing from public service in general.

This is being written on the 10th of July 2016, less than one week after the FBI made public their findings in the investigation of your handling of emails. The list of errors you made, the gross negligence and general carelessness is certainly embarrassing for you, and for those who are supporting you as president.

It appears now, not surprisingly, that you will not be charged with any crime. I’m no attorney and have no opinion of whether your failings to follow the law, state department policies, and common sense actually reach the threshold of criminal activity. That’s for the experts to decide and they have spoken. Enjoy your freedom.

However, and this is the point of my open letter, I believe that you should immediately, voluntarily suspend your campaign for the presidency and subsequently remove yourself completely from all political activities on all levels.

My reasoning is this. While you have avoided prosecution, you are clearly guilty of negligent handling of highly important and sensitive government information. You have proven yourself untrustworthy by the fact that you (or attorneys under your direction) deleted over 2000 emails related to your job as secretary of state, this violating the letter and spirit of our vital Freedom of Information Act statutes.

Mrs. Clinton, please understand the situation this creates for our country. Tens of millions are shocked that your prosecution will not go forward. They are calling en masse for the justice department to reconsider. This situation has the appearance of favoritism, as if we live in a country where there are two sets of laws – one for the rich and powerful connected, and another for the common man. In a country based on the rule of law and fair treatment for all, this is unacceptable.

Perhaps you deserve prosecution and perhaps you do not. In either case, you apparently will not be prosecuted. To the common man, it appears you have cheated the system through your connections and power and money. This creates discontent and strife and I fear will lead to a degradation of the foundation of our country itself.

I see only one solution. While it may not be the most pleasant for you, and may be considered tragic by your supporters, this is the only way.

Mrs. Clinton, end your campaign for president and withdraw from public service. Retire. Do charitable work. Do whatever you want. But leave any and all positions of power. Do it for the greater good. It will be better for you too. I promise.

We need to begin to heal as a nation, not become more divided. You have it in your power to begin the healing process. Do it Mrs. Clinton.



Doyle Mills

Psych Drugs Kill
May 11, 2016, 6:00 pm
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If you know me, you’ve probably heard “the talk” at least once. If you happen to tell me that you, a relative, or your child, ESPECIALLY your child, is on psychiatric drugs, you’ve definitely gotten “the talk”.

In brief, I HATE psychiatric drugs. But that’s not the subject of this article. This article is about how the FDA knows these drugs are dangerous but, apparently not hating them as much as I do, they hide reports of adverse effects from the public.

I could write an article about it, but I probably couldn’t make it any more clear than this:

I’ll leave it to you to read, understand and make your own decision about whether your FDA is on your side, protecting you, or if it’s protecting drug companies while conspiring against you.

I’ve also posted some of the documents online, along with this article.


rev2_Vyvanse Safety and Drug Utilization Review_Redacted (2)











204326 amphetamine clinical prea

A Christmas Story
January 22, 2015, 1:02 pm
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This was a curious, adventurous and memorable Christmas season. 2014, by the way.

It started just over a week before Christmas when Karen Hadley picked me up in Little Rock, after being shocked to discover that I was not in Ft. Smith. We said our prayers to St. Christopher and hit the road. Road Trip! All night long. Sunshine and warmth greeted us in Florida. Not terribly Christmassy, but it’s alright. While Karen moved into her new place with Logan and Violet’s help. I had the great pleasure of meeting up with someone I love dearly that I had not seen for over a year. Nice!

I had to catch this ride home with Karen in order to make my appointment for Christmas tree decorating with Pam, Sebastian, Soleil and Logan. My first job was buying the tree, but I found out quickly that, late in the season, there aren’t many trees left. But I found one. 10 feet tall, roughly a foot taller than our ceiling. Everyone was looking forward to creating this tree, Fae and Violet were around too! All was right with the world… Until I realized somewhat late (oops) that I gave the tree stand to Patricia last year, Fae and I made an emergency run from store to store breaking speed limit and numerous other laws to find one. Thank you Ole Blue. Then we set up the tree, the kids decorated it, and we all had a fine time.

And then there was Christmas day, a.k.a. Christmas 1, probably the most multi-cultural family event in all of Clearwater. We had a tree and presents and one Eric. Our food was all Ethiopian, in celebration of Kwanzaa, with both A’s. We had our TWO menorahs and Star of David in the window, and had folk with Buddhist, Atheist and Catholic leanings (along with me, the Scientologist of course) around our improvised table, which was really foot lockers covered in paper in the tree by the living room. Yes, we made everyone sit on the floor, on pillows. Thanks for the creativity, Logan. Brilliant!

Through a dramatic and not too humorous series of events, my grandchildren couldn’t be there for Christmas 1. Sad face. Big time. I LOVE those kids! So, while rejoicing that they don’t yet know how to read a calendar, Pam and I planned out Christmas 2, more info two paragraphs hence.

Because of a suspected allergy and the fact that the damn thing dropped five pounds of needles on the ground every day, we had to get rid of the tree. Do we recycle? NO! How boring. We moved it to the back yard, dug a hole and planted it. No, we were not under the mistaken impression that a cut-down tree will re-grow. We just had a very special plan for this tree.

Christmas 2 came and went. We had the kids, MANY presents, love, microwaved kid food, TWO Erics without repeating the previous Eric. Great time had by all, and I even have a few pretty darn good pictures. Logan wasn’t with us. He was recording a CD which will NO DOUBT be on everyone’s Christmas list NEXT year.

And then… January 20, at almost midnight, we “decorated” the back-yard Christmas tree with about 20 pounds of flammable stuff, mostly paper, and lit it! Amazing! Flames 20 feet in the air, glowing embers all over the neighborhood. It was epic. And so ended, officially, our 2014 Christmas season.

Thank you family. I love you! Now let’s plan a kick-ass John Wilkes Booth Day Celebration!

Road Trip? Plane Trip? Let’s Go! a.k.a. Hong Kong Just Because
December 7, 2011, 10:12 pm
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Why is it so cool to get out of town for a few days, a week, a month?

Maybe we all need a little change of pace. Some of us feel a little overwhelmed in our regular lives. When you leave it all behind, it’s out of sight, out of mind. I think many people just want to get away from a particular person. Word of advice – don’t take that person with you.

So where are we going?… St. Augustine for the weekend, Montreal for the Jazz Festival, Hong Kong just because. I’m ready.

“What else am I supposed to do, stay here and learn?” – Seann William Scott as E.L. in the 2000 movie Road Trip. Great movie, with Amy Smart. I want to take a road trip with Amy Smart!

Most of my travel is work related, either my for-profit or non-profit activities. Even work travel can be fun, especially when somebody else is paying for it.

Travel can be a chore but it doesn’t have to be. Flights can be especially painful with delays, cramped seating, loud kids and lame snacks. Traveling in a car can be more pleasant but begins to lose its charm after the first three hours. No matter why, where or how you’re traveling, make the best of it, make it fun. Make a game out of it. There are lots of games you can play. You can play the “how much money can we save” game. You can play the “get there really fast” game. Or the “how much can we eat?” game.

My favorite game is making time to see people I care about. There’s just nothing better than an all-expense paid business trip which includes some time to surprise some friends or random relatives in town. Some of my friends get a free meal out of my visit; hey Angela, see you in February for Thai pizza. Some others, unfortunately for them, are such darn good cooks that I’m never offering to take them out ever. Chris, this means you – thanks for all the great homemade food Cuz.

It irks me to hear people complain so much about their travel. Maybe they’ve just been so beaten up by too many trips and lost their enthusiasm. But honestly, there is just no excuse for that. If you have to be on the road anyway, come on, this is your life, and you’ll never have another chance to be happy in that moment. So take a fresh look at it, change it up.

I have suggestions. Don’t I always have suggestions?

1. Drink more water. The first thing I do when I arrive anywhere is stop by a store and stock up on water, and maybe some nuts. Water is key to your wellbeing. You just aren’t going to feel good and enthusiastic about life if you are not hydrated. And I don’t mean soda, coffee and sugary apple juice, I mean water!

2. Talk to more people. Say hi, strike up conversations. If you’re single, try to pick up every reasonably attractive girl you run into. What have you got to lose? Getting rejection is good practice for the future. If you’re a girl, I’m not sure you want to try picking up guys, that’s a whole different matter, not too safe.

3. If it’s not too far, drive instead of fly. Sometimes, with unexpected flight delays, you can get there faster driving than flying. The greatest thing about driving is that you can stop periodically, get out, stretch your legs, eat what you want, buy some stuff.

4. Don’t over plan. I guess some kind of a plan is necessary but you don’t need to painstakingly plan every minute well in advance and have it all printed out in date order. Leave a little time for spontaneity. I’m not saying plan your spontaneity in advance, that would be wacky, I’m just saying don’t get too strict on planning.

5. At least once in your life, take a long trip on a Greyhound, a.k.a. “The Dog”. Why, you ask? I’ll grant you that a bus is not the most elegant, comfortable, or best smelling way to get from point A to point B. And I’ll grant you that, how do we say this gently, you may have to rub elbows with members of the, gently now, less “moneyed” classes, or something. I will tell you this. You’ll never forget it. It won’t be dull. Greyhound bus stations are colorful and interesting places, and the people who ride are sometimes the most interesting of all. Just do it, at least once, you’ll have great stories, you may meet some great people, and it’s cheap! If nothing else, an overnight trip from Clearwater to Lexington or Washington DC to Cincinnati (my two Greyhound experiences) could make you really appreciate and stop complaining about the rigors of flying.

So who’s up for a road trip? I’m in. Amy, how about it?

Disclaimer – there are some people who genuinely love living where they live and don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t understand you people. Never will. All you stay-at-home types should probably just ignore all the above advice.

What’s So Good About Pickles?
September 5, 2011, 3:16 am
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Does anybody really eat pickled eggs? And how about pickled pigs feet? Really?

And what’s the point even of pickles in general? Sour vegetables just doesn’t sound good. Yet somehow it’s become part of our culture to enjoy them.

I just learned today that pickles are hugely popular in Russia, because, I’m told, pickles taste good with vodka. Supposedly it’s like peanuts and beer. Well, I guess I’d have to try it.

I think it’s the salt we crave. Pickles are generally low in calories and nearly fat-free but are LOADED with sodium. The doctors (trained by universities funded by drug companies) all tell us to cut back on sodium. I don’t buy that at all, especially for people who live in a climate like Florida and who are active and sweat. Our bodies need salt and all kinds of health problems are caused by lack of salt. And, of course, it tastes good.

It seems that somebody somewhere has pickled just about everything. The standard is cucumbers but any store will also have olives and various other combinations of vegetables. And of course the pickled eggs and pigs feet. I confess though, as a kid, I did eat (and enjoy) pickled pigs feet. Sounds pretty creepy now and I don’t think I’d really want to try again. I saw pickled mangoes in my friend John’s Greek fruit and vegetable market near our house.

What I do love though is pickled beets. I like beets any way you make them. There is an expression in Kentucky, where I grew up, – “wilder than a pickled beet”. It’s a cute expression and honestly I have no idea what’s so wild about a pickled beet. They are red but that’s about it.

Once you have pickles, you can (as Emeril would say) kick ’em up a notch by deep frying them. Yes, you got it, deep fried pickles. I’ve had them, but really, given a choice, I’d rather have something else fried up, like maybe potatoes or even mushrooms.

So have a pickle but try not to find yourself “in a pickle”. That’s bad. I have always been a little confused about this idiom. A quick Internet search taught me that originally “pickles” was a spicy sauce for meat, then later a briny, spiced vinegar solution used as preservative. Still later, the vegetables that were preserved also took the name pickles. The idea then of “in a pickle” conveys the fate of a vegetable that finds itself immersed in this solution. Obviously, there is no easy way out once they close the lid on the jar. I don’t know about you, but I have had that feeling a couple of times. Somehow though, I always managed to get out of it. Good thing I’m not a vegetable, or a pig’s foot.

My readers may have noticed that all my blog articles contain quotes. It was a challenge to find a humorous or even interesting quote about pickles. The best I could do was this anonymous thought about the deeper meaning of pickles, “I think pickles are cucumbers that sold out. They sold their soul to the devil, and the devil is dill…”

All this talk about pickles is making me hungry. I might have a pickle, except that a Russian ate all the pickles in our house. I’m going to have some ice cream.

From Perkins to Peppermint
July 18, 2011, 12:50 am
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Show of hands please – how many people out there always take a shower before getting into bed?

Wow, that’s not many. I’m glad you don’t all sleep here!

The other night I came home from a late night dinner at Perkins restaurant with my son. Our house guest said, “you smell like Perkins”. I suppose I did.

So there I was, smelling like a middle-of-the-road chain restaurant, at bedtime. I could have just thrown on some pajamas and gotten into bed carrying the smell of our dinner, the place and all the people who’ve sat in that booth before. But I didn’t, I took a shower. I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap. Thus, I went from Perkins to Peppermint.

If someone told me to raise my hand if I take a shower before bed, I’m raising it. I always take a shower before getting into bed. Well, almost always. I surprised that everybody doesn’t. Possibly those who don’t do it are surprised by people like me, who do.

For those who don’t want to go to bed clean, why not? Is it really that much trouble? At night I’m in the shower for about 5 minutes. Anybody can spare 5 minutes.

I can think of many reasons why a shower is a good idea and really can’t come up with any reasons not to except for just plain laziness and the idea that you just don’t have time.

I grew up hearing repeatedly, “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Well that may be so. But I like this quote at lot: “Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.” -P. J. O’Rourke

So here are my reasons why a shower before bed is a great idea:

Reason #1: IF you’re sharing your bed with someone (lucky you!), that person certainly should appreciate the effort to get to bed clean, smelling good, ready to be close together for, well, whatever purpose you happen to mutually agree upon.

Reason #2: Your sheets stay clean longer. Who wants to wash sheets every day or every few days. I expect to get a week between washes.

Reason #3: You just never know what might happen. If some disaster should happen to befall your house the next day and you can’t spare  a time in the morning for a shower, you’ll at least be somewhat clean.

Reason #4: Your pajamas will go longer between washings, pretty much the same as reason #2.

Reason #5: A nice hot or warm shower can act as a soporific. That word means “causing or tending to cause sleep”. The heat relaxes your muscles, makes you more comfortable, thus it’s easier to fall asleep.

Reason #6: Because I said so DAMN IT, you little Sh.. Get the F… in that bathtub right now before I tan yer hide! This reason always worked great with my kids, not so well on wives and various girlfriends.

Are there reasons not to take a shower at bedtime? Maybe. I look forward to reading all about it in the comments.